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Helen Mackenzie’s 2023 Chart Toppers

By December 24, 2023April 9th, 2024No Comments

“The reality is that most companies will have some amount of modern-day slavery within their supply chains. It’s whether they’re prepared to look and what they do when they find it that determines whether they are a good or bad company.” – Tim Nelson, CEO at Hope for Justice and Slave-Free Alliance

You can’t build a community based on the power of a podcast if you don’t love listening to them yourself. All year long, the Art of Procurement team is interviewing, producing, and promoting podcast interviews with some of the most interesting people in the field.

In this episode, Helen Mackenzie, Head of Sales and Community at Art of Procurement, takes over hosting responsibilities to share the five interviews she thinks of as 2023’s chart toppers. She also enlists a bit of help from our Procurement 6 announcer to count them down.

Listen in for a recap of Helen’s picks of the year:

  • Stephane Morel and his category workbench, a place where all the tools procurement needs are in one place, making work so much easier.
  • Advice on shifting priorities and procurement’s ability to adjust from Matt Reddington and Mu Wagh from Procure Analytics 
  • Vendr’s Emily Campbell and Nick Pinkman digging into the darkness to address the topic of shadow spend
  • Katherine McCleery, a B2B brand marketing expert, on how important procurement’s brand is to getting engagement and making an impact.
  • And her #1 pick – A powerful example of using procurement as a force for good: Tim Nelson, CEO of the charities Hope for Justice and Slave-Free Alliance, talking about how procurement can help combat slavery in today’s supply chains

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