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Impact more spend faster with SpendBriefs

A new approach to expert-guided category management and sourcing from the team at Art of Procurement

The challenge

Research shows that deep domain expertise and market intelligence has a significant impact on spend under management, cost savings, and the business’s perception of procurement.

Unfortunately, for some companies, this expertise has been out of reach. The addressable spend of many categories and sourcing events does not justify the expense of traditional staffing and consulting models.

Fortunately, for many sourcing events, expert guidance is only needed at critical touch points.

That is why we created SpendBriefs, by SpendPros


Select a single SpendBrief for targeted support or multiple SpendBriefs for guidance throughout the sourcing process

Category Opportunity Analysis

Build a category strategy that maximizes competitive advantage

Sourcing Opportunity Analysis

Determine the optimal strategy for current market conditions

Supplier Landscape Review

Engage the most appropriate suppliers for your situation

RFx Pre-Send Review & Strategy

Ask the right questions while accelerating the RFx process

RFx Response Review & Negotiation Strategy

Develop negotiation strategies that maximize ROI

SOW Review & Negotiation Strategy

Ensure your SOW drives the outcomes you need to achieve

Engagement Health Check & Strategy

Maximize the return on existing supplier contracts

Cost Optimization Review & Strategy

Identify opportunities for cost reduction or mitigate increases

Category Risk Review & Continuity Planning

Understand and mitigate points of supply failure

How it works

Receive a tailored strategy and recommendations in two weeks or less.

  • Select your SpendBrief
  • Pre-brief call with your SpendPro
  • SpendPro creates and delivers SpendBrief document
  • SpendPro facilitates SpendBrief Q&A call

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your experts?

Our experts are highly experienced specialists in their chosen spend category. They typically have 10+ years of experience and have worked in leading consulting and advisory firms or as procurement practitioners. We partner with independent experts as well as niche sourcing advisory firms.

What categories of spend do you support?

Our expertise includes all major indirect spend categories such as facilities, professional services, IT, software, logistics, marketing, print, MRO, outsourcing, and travel. Our experts also have experience in select direct materials categories. If you need an expert in a highly niche category, please let us know! We can often find highly specialized expertise within our network.

What is included in a SpendBrief?

Each SpendBrief is typically 5-10 pages in length and will include recommendations and next steps based on our expert’s analysis of your current situation.

How much time do I need to give to the expert?

Typically you will need to attend a 1-hour kick-off and discovery meeting and a 1-hour recommendations meeting. Your SpendPro may request specific information that will help them take into account all available information when preparing your recommendations.

How long does it take from kick off to recommendation?

Subject to your availability and ability to provide requested information, a SpendBrief typically takes 2-weeks from kick-off to the presentation of final recommendations.

How much does a SpendBrief cost?

Each SpendBrief costs between $5,000 – $10,000 depending on the chosen brief. Discounts are available when purchasing multiple SpendBriefs or subscribing to an annual membership.

What if I need additional help?

We can provide additional help beyond the initial SpendBrief – from a few hours of ad-hoc support to entire end-to-end project management – and everything in between!

Ready to start or would like to know more?

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