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Stop Shadow Spend in Its Tracks With Improved Data Visibility w/ Emily Campbell and Nick Pinkman

By March 12, 2023June 24th, 2023No Comments

“Even the largest cloud providers are somewhat incentivized to help save their customers money. They know that if they want a strong, long-term, customer-obsessed relationship, then they need to help you be confident in the decisions you’re making, making sure that the organization feels good about where they are today and where they’re going.”  —Nick Pinkman, Sr. Cloud Manager at Vendr

Procurement often talks about visibility and transparency. Data turns abstract goals into actionable insight. Having greater visibility makes it possible for procurement to negotiate maximum savings while making sure the company has what it needs to operate competitively in a digital world. 

In categories where it is easy for distributed buyers to act independently – like cloud software for instance – visibility also provides procurement with opportunities for improved savings leverage and the centralized oversight required to stop ‘shadow spend’ in its tracks.

In this episode, based on an AOP Live session, Philip Ideson is joined by Emily Campbell, Director of Product Design & Research at Vendr, and Nick Pinkman, Sr. Cloud Manager at Vendr. 

Emily and Nick share their perspectives about:

  • The importance of centralizing workflows for managing spend and headcount
  • The different types of cloud savings procurement should pursue during contract negotiations
  • What data procurement should have in hand before entering a cloud software negotiation



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