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Our Story

Art of Procurement was founded in 2015 to inspire procurement leaders to think differently about the value they can bring.

During the last two decades, our team has worked in multiple procurement roles across industries and sectors. We have seen good practices and poor practices, successes and failures. We have also encountered a lot of resistance to change—resistance resulting from a fear of the unknown.

If we can’t think out of the box, if we are stuck with traditional procurement, if we are afraid of challenging the status quo… procurement will be negatively impacted by technological and service delivery advancements, perhaps to the point of extinction.

However, if procurement takes control and reshapes ourselves to evolve with new technologies and approaches, then we can have an impact that extends far beyond savings.

Art of Procurement provides access to the case studies, resources, insights, thought leaders, tools, and technologies that will help procurement drive change with confidence.

We advocate for the value procurement offers to the larger organization and emphasize the experience our colleagues in the business want leading them to proactively pull in our expertise and capabilities.

Our Values


No Jerks. Build relationships that last.


Be the Catalyst. Discover the art of the possible.


Love the Game. Bring passion to all you do.


Take Pride in the Journey. Every interaction matters.


Take Action. Create your own momentum.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Philip Ideson

Founder & Managing Director

Kelly Barner

Partner, Head of Content & Operations

Helen Mackenzie

Head of Community

Brittany Reilly

Operations Lead

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together

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