About Art of Procurement

We help procurement professionals deliver change with confidence

Procurement is uniquely qualified to impact a company’s effectiveness, sustainability, and profitability. To fulfill that potential, we believe:

We must strive to be guides, not heroes

Small actions compound into big impact

Soft skills must amplify technical knowledge

Change is something to be sought, not feared

Our Story

November 2015

It started with a podcast...

Fresh from quitting his comfortable day-job with a leading procurement services provider, Art of Procurement Founder Philip Ideson launched what would become the leading weekly procurement podcast.  

His initial goal: to mature his own thinking and help his peers learn from the experiences of others.

September 2016

The Procurement Revolution...

While in pursuit of ways to help procurement professionals confront the status quo, Philip found a kindred spirit in Kelly Barner, long time procurement consultant and Owner and Managing Director of Buyers Meeting Point.

Kelly and Philip joined forces to create The Procurement Revolution, a virtual, week long, TED-style event that challenged procurement professionals to stand up, speak out, and drive change.

March 2017

Leveraging the community...

With a growing community forming around the Art of Procurement philosophy, Philip and Kelly launched Palambridge, an offering to help procurement leaders access expertise on-demand from a pre-vetted ecosystem of SME’s and procurement service providers.

Palambridge was almost 10-years in the making – Philip had first mapped out this model while leading a procurement BPO project in India in the late 2000’s.

September 2018

Helping professionals #TakeAction

After pitching the idea of a microlearning platform for procurement professionals to an Art of Procurement client, we received the go-ahead to build a pilot program for over 400 procurement professionals. This early version became The CatalystCo Platform (TCP).

Launched in mid-2018, TCP helps procurement professionals take action and put into practice what they have learned and what they already know. A new umbrella company was created – CatalystCo – to serve as the vehicle for all of our learning and development initiatives.

January 2019

Bringing it all together...

We took a step back and realized that while all of our brands – Palambridge, CatalystCo and Art of Procurement – were launched to help procurement professionals deliver change with confidence, our business structure was confusing.

In January 2019, we consolidated all of our brands back into Art of Procurement, with Palambridge becoming AOP Experts On-Demand and The CatalystCo Platform renamed Nudge, by Art of Procurement

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