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[Pod] How to Know When Procurement Needs a Rebrand w/ Katherine McCleery

By January 30, 2023No Comments

“Although rebranding procurement may not include a logo or a color or story, there is a shift in voice, tone, and values. If your company’s mission or go-to-market strategic initiatives have changed and procurement hasn’t adjusted, that’s a sign that there should be a rebrand.” 

Procurement often talks about being limited by others’ perception of them. But how is that perception created? In some cases, experience dictates what stakeholders expect from procurement. In other cases, it stems from procurement’s internal brand, the combination of voice, tone, and values they use when communicating with the business.

Katherine McCleery is a good friend of the Art of Procurement team. She is a marketing and branding expert who has significant experience working with procurement services and SaaS companies. She understands the power of a good brand as well as immediate opportunities for procurement to build one of their own.

In this conversation, Katherine and host Philip Ideson discuss:

  • Why branding is important for procurement leaders to understand and invest in
  • How to build and then scale an effective procurement brand
  • How the efforts that go into building a brand could also make procurement a better partner to the business

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