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[Pod] Enlisting Procurement in the Fight to Eradicate Modern Day Slavery w/ Tim Nelson

By April 23, 2023April 28th, 2023No Comments

“The reality is that most companies will have some amount of modern-day slavery within their supply chains. It’s whether they’re prepared to look and what they do when they find it that determines whether they are a good or bad company.”

Despite the efforts that have been made to eradicate slavery, the practice has adapted. People all over the world are being held against their will and forced to provide labor, endure inhuman treatment, and are even subject to forcible organ harvesting.  

Tim Nelson is the CEO of the charities Hope for Justice and Slave Free Alliance. He was working in the banking industry when he met a ‘slave hunter’ through a friend – a chance encounter that started his mission to expose and address the slavery and human trafficking that exist within today’s supply chains. Today he is fighting both worldwide through an ever-expanding network of team members and partners.

In this episode, Tim shares his knowledge and and advice with Philip Ideson about:

  • Some of the products, services, and supply chains that are at high risk of involving modern slavery 
  • Internal and external drivers of change that are starting to move the needle on modern-day slavery
  • The role that procurement professionals can – and must – play in working to protect human rights and protect companies from reputational risk

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