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[Pod] Putting Experiential Procurement into Practice w/ Tim Jones

By February 14, 2022No Comments

“One of the most dangerous phrases in the procurement dictionary is ‘maverick spend.’ It implies people are ignoring us or doing the wrong thing, when in reality, they’re just a bunch of users we’ve let down and who are so exhausted by the bureaucracy we’ve created around them that they found a better way to get their business done.”

We are going to be discussing ‘experiential procurement’ in detail throughout 2022. In short, the experience procurement creates for all stakeholders – both while interacting with us and while navigating the buying process – is fundamental to determining the impact we can have and the role we can play in the businesses. 

In this week’s episode, host Philip Ideson is joined by Tim Jones, former Vice President of Business Operations at Epic Games. They last spoke (via podcast anyway) seven years ago – an entire lifetime in the procurement maturity progression.

Tim and Phil take this opportunity to catch up and dig into the concept of ‘experiential procurement’ 

  • What procurement ends up getting tangled and tripped up by an overly internal focus, when the organization definitely needs us looking outward
  • How procurement technology has changed in the wake of the eCommerce boom, and how our processes need to hurry to keep up
  • Why procurement needs to be ‘on the lookout’ for evidence of buyer arrogance in the RFP process

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