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A CPO’s First 100 Days Series

You have just been appointed to a new CPO position. Your executive leadership team is looking at you to make an immediate impact while setting up procurement as a driver of sustainable, long term value. You know that your first 100 days in the role may make or break your career. What do you do? Where do you start? 

In this special 5-part series, we provide you with the roadmap you need to hit the ground running. Members of the Efficio team spoke with AOP Host Phil Ideson to address topics such as:

  • Why procurement needs to take an honest look in the mirror before investing in branding, Simon Whatson – Part 1
  • The risks associated with not focusing on the team and their skills in the early days of a procurement change effort, Shirin Tomlinson – Part 2
  • Why it is so hard for everyone to know what to expect of procurement, Vikas Tyagi – Part 3
  • The value that procurement teams already have within their reach but often overlook, Sushank Agarwal – Part 4
  • How important procurement’s technical ‘literacy’ is to the realization of post-implementation ROI, Peter Wetherill – Part 5

The team at Efficio have published a major research study, called ‘The Human Factor: Strategic procurement and the leaders of tomorrow’, which they developed in cooperation with the Cranfield School of Management.

The research explores how a more tech-savvy, collaborative and strategically-minded future procurement workforce will ultimately require a reshape of organisational design, and serve as a driving force of transformational change alongside procurement technology. 

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