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A GAAP in Judgement at Kraft Heinz

By May 25, 2023April 2nd, 2024No Comments

Procurement is used to being under pressure to deliver savings, but is that pressure enough to make procurement break the law?

That is exactly what happened at Kraft Heinz after their 2015 merger. The low-hanging fruit had all been picked, savings targets remained high, and all sense of oversight had fallen away in favor of a corporate culture that incentivized hitting targets no matter what the cost.

In this week’s episode of Dial P for Procurement, host Kelly Barner covers:

  • What happened at Kraft Heinz when procurement was expected to hit aggressive savings goals post-merger
  • Internal oversight breakdowns that allowed questionable activity to continue for far longer than should have been possible
  • The fall out… which continues to this day

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