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[Pod] Envisioning the Procurement Operating Model of the Future w/ Conrad Snover and Betsy Pancik

By May 31, 2021July 30th, 2021No Comments

“The procurement operating model of the future is going to require flexibility and agility, but hopefully we’re not just moving things from the inbox to the outbox. Instead, we should be managing multiple data sets and predictive analytics.” – Conrad Snover

Procurement has been swept up in nearly non-stop change for the last two decades, and yet, we continue to talk about the need for transformation? Is this due to their failures or their successes? In Conrad Snover’s opinion, it is a little bit of both.

Conrad Snover is the President of ProcureAbility and he was joined by Betsy Pancik, their Vice President of Customer Success, for a recent AOP Live session. They believe that how procurement is structured can either help them achieve overall business alignment and an improved customer experience, or can slow processes down and hold them back from delivering full value. 

In this AOP Live-based session, Conrad Snover and Betsy Pancik answer live audience questions about:

  • What a procurement operating model is and how that aligns with procurement’s organizational structure
  • The evolving requirements of procurement talent and how the available skill sets may need to change during and after transformation 
  • Which transformational concerns can be addressed – and even advanced – by selecting the right procurement operating model

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