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How to Write a Killer RFP, with Dave Hulsen of RFP360

By March 26, 2016June 1st, 2020No Comments

In this episode of the Art of Procurement, I am joined by Dave Hulsen, co-founder of an RFP collaboration platform called RFP360.

I have often felt that, as procurement professionals, we can sometimes abuse the RFP process.  Therefore, I was really interested in talking with Dave, and learning how we can take our RFP’s from being a burdensome exercise in paper shuffling to being a key tool that brings value to the sourcing process – for both Buyer’s and Sellers.

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“RFP’s can be very restrictive and we have to be careful with their use. We paint somebody into a corner of just answering yes or no, and there’s so much more information out there that we should be gathering.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Dave’s background and how he entered the procurement software business.
  • The 3 tips dave took from his military mentors into his business career.
  • Why his product specialises in just the RFP niche.
  • Some common pitfalls associated with RFPs and what we can do to avoid them.
  • How we can make sure that we’re maximizing the effect of what is really a primary tool in the procurement toolbox.
  • Some of the biggest mistakes seen that buyers make when they build and issue an RFP.
  • Challenges faced by suppliers as RFPS come in.
  • The perspective from sellers when they receive bad RFPs and how they react to them.
  • How to successfully make the RFP a two way process rather than a one way process.
  • When to use an RFP compared to an RFI or even just a quick phone call with the supplier.
  • Why communication is key in the RFP Process.
  • Dave’s recommendation on the one thing that a buyer should do on their next RFP that would really have the greatest impact on how effective it would be.


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