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[Pod] Exploring the Potential for Applying AI in Procurement w/ Florin Tufan

By May 28, 2023No Comments

“The reason you need AI is because you never know what you don’t know. Procurement has to be able to protect themselves against that.” 

There will always be things procurement does not know. Even if all of the data in the world were magically made available, there would be quality issues and analytics challenges to overcome. Data has to be validated – at scale – before the business can be confident making decisions based upon it. 

In this episode, Philip Ideson is joined by Florin Tufan, Co-Founder and CEO of Veridion. Florin was recognized by the 2020 Romania Forbes 30 under 30 program for his willingness to take on the entrepreneurial risk associated with tackling the problem of firmographic data on an enterprise scale.

During this conversation, Philip and Florin discuss:

  • Why a company’s age impacts the data quality challenges they are likely to face through layers of legacy systems
  • What firmographics are and why procurement should be investing in them
  • The role that AI needs to play for robust firmographics data to be made actionable quickly and at scale

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