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[Pod] Changing Procurement Hearts & Minds w/ Paras Sood

By March 5, 2023No Comments

“I still think that change management is generally undercooked as an area within procurement. A lot of procurement is about change management. A large portion of that is people not speaking to each other enough about what change curves might be.”

So much of what procurement does is about change management. Whether it is adopting new technologies, ensuring that soft skills continue to evolve, or understanding how procurement can best align with the business given their changing needs… something is always changing.

Paras Sood has broad senior-level experience across the entire procurement value chain. He has worked as a practitioner, at a procurement tech company, and in procurement consulting. Most recently, Paras was the Global Head of Strategic Procurement Transformation for Deutsche Bank, until he made the move back into consulting at Future Purchasing. 

In this episode, Philip Ideson taps into Paras’ experience in driving transformation to better understand his approach and how it has evolved to meet changing C-suite expectations. 

  • How procurement can take a broad range of experiential and functional perspectives when planning a transformation journey
  • Changes he has seen companies make to the business case required for both short and longer term funding for transformations
  • Why successful transformation efforts require segmentation of transformational phases, stakeholder interests and enthusiasm, and technology implementation

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