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[Pod] Digital Outcomes 2023 Agenda Reveal w/ Kelly Barner and Philip Ideson

By January 16, 2023July 21st, 2023No Comments

Do fish know they are wet?

Every creature on earth has a natural habitat. Procurement’s habitat is digital. And yet, the digital aspects of procurement’s work are so pervasive, they surround us like the air we breathe. It is easy to forget to look at the nature of digital business when we are focused on individual technologies… just like fish may not notice they are wet.

Digital Outcomes is an annual virtual event that creates a space for procurement to think about the macro trends associated with digital business. In this episode, Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner reveal the topics, speakers, and session scope featured in this year’s agenda.

Attendees to the live virtual event on February 15th and 16th will discover:

  • Why procurement can only improve their results by making the user experience frictionless
  • The context and terminology required for procurement to address cybersecurity concerns with stakeholders and suppliers
  • The upsides, downsides, and disruptive complexities of today’s robust procurement startup landscape

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