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How to SUPERCHARGE Your Digital Procurement Strategy w/ Alpar Kamber, Julie Brignac and Chris Eyerman

By December 12, 2022June 25th, 2023No Comments

“I’ve seen a lot of companies who try to jump the gun in terms of driving a very adventurous digital strategy without having the right maturity. It fails and they start over again. It fails and they start over.

 That’s why it goes back to making sure your strategy and your level of maturity are aligned; that way you can take advantage and make it stick.”Alpar Kamber, EVP, Business Unit Leader at WNS Denali

Digital procurement is no longer a ‘next level’ approach to spend and supplier management. Digitized procurement processes have fast become the table stakes for any procurement team that hopes to become a true business partner. 

And yet, procurement often still struggles to ‘connect the dots’ between multiple strategic and technical considerations – a business-wide effort. In a recent LinkedIn Snap Poll, Art of Procurement community members told us that alignment with the business is the most important input to digital transformation. That in and of itself is an important indication of procurement maturity. 

This episode features a recent AOP Live session where Philip Ideson was joined by Alpar Kamber, Julie Brignac, and Chris Eyerman from WNS Denali. They took the opportunity to dig deeper into the connection between alignment with the business and procurement’s digital transformation goals.

They discussed:

  • What the concept of a digital ecosystem really means – to procurement and to the rest of the company
  • How procurement should perceive the connections between digital transformation and their own maturity journey
  • The important role that experienced and objective third parties can play in accelerating both transformation and maturation



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