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Achieving an Exponential Vision Against the Odds w/ Tony Uphoff

By November 14, 2022June 25th, 2023No Comments

“The goal wasn’t really a digital transformation. The goal was a business model transformation because, if we didn’t get to that business model transformation, the fact that we were a digital company would be irrelevant.”

What does it take to formulate an ambitious vision and then go hands-on to bring it to fruition?

Tony Uphoff is a growth advisor, tech mentor, and turn around expert. He was the President and CEO at Thomas (formerly ThomasNet), and personally drove the effort to transform the 100 year old business into a modern media enterprise, what he calls a “125 year old startup.”

This week’s episode is from the first session of Mastermind LIVE 2022. Tony joined Kelly Barner to kick off the two day event by sharing his experiences with driving organizations towards a big goal or vision – despite enterprise inertia in a challenging market.

Listen to hear Tony share his point of view on:

  • How to drive significant change quickly without jeopardizing the future success of the company
  • One of the most common mistakes turnaround leaders make when they are approaching a new project
  • Strategies procurement can use to liberate themselves from traditional roles, perspectives, and results



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