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[Pod] Improving Procurement’s Impact From the Moment of Intake w/ Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner

By October 3, 2022No Comments

“We’re eliminating the problem of procurement not being brought in soon enough the same way we resolved maverick and rogue spend. It wasn’t by changing the way other people think and behave; procurement needs to change the way we think and behave and the type of options we provide to the business. That’s where we get the opportunity to make a difference.” Kelly Barner

There has been a lot of talk about ‘experience’ in procurement during the last couple of years, but how important is it really? Could it be that improving the employee experience is the only way for procurement to fully leverage their ability to drive value?

We wanted to know more, so we partnered with the team at Zip Intake-to-Procure to run a survey that looked at how the procurement-created employee experience impacts procurement performance. The findings were really compelling, as you will hear. 

In this episode, Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner share their perspectives on the report findings as well as the changes procurement can make to improve experience and results in parallel:

  • Increasing transparency so that buyers know the status of their purchases and also which functions other than procurement may be holding up their approval
  • How the meaning of risk and compliance change when procurement expands from traditional indirect spend categories into technology and knowledge-based service spend
  • Why procurement should stop worrying about maverick or rogue spend and instead invest in the convenience of digitally-enabled processes

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