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[Pod] Improving the Flexibility of your Category Management Skills w/ Steve Trussell

By September 26, 2022May 3rd, 2024No Comments

“The first step is answering, ‘What are we trying to accomplish as a company?’ Sometimes that’s the hardest question to address with your marketing team.” 

Are you going after brand awareness? Are we trying to drive our brand higher? Are we trying to drive people into the stores or trying to drive sales? These are different types of spend, with different types of metrics. You have to be able to have that conversation with the marketing team to understand what you’re looking for.”

Some categories of spend are dependable and constant. Their reliability makes them seem like they’ve been the same forever, which gives procurement a comfortable opportunity to manage them with equally consistent strategies and results. It is hard to think they will ever change; until they do.

How can you stay ahead when disruption strikes your spend category?  How can procurement introduce the required flexibility while continuing to achieve steady results?

In this episode, we’re sharing a session from Categorypalooza 2022 during which SpendPro and marketing category expert Steve Trussell shares the core approaches that will serve you well during times of change. He also describes the strategies he uses to stay on top of evolving categories while continuing to deliver value.

Listen to the conversation facilitated by Kelly Barner to learn:

  • About the current state of marketing: what has changed and what has remained the same?
  • Time-tested approaches that will serve you well during times of volatility and change, regardless of what category of spend you manage
  • How to ensure that procurement’s strategies and execution align with what the business really needs

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