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[Pod] Crossover from The Sourcing Hero: Life Hacks for Driving Employee Engagement w/ Ashley Sieb

By August 22, 2022No Comments

“When you’re trying to engage a community that you serve in any kind of communication effort, it needs to be easy because a confused mind does nothing.” 

This week we are featuring a special crossover episode from The Sourcing Hero podcast, a collaboration with our partners at Una. Hosted by our own Kelly Barner, The Sourcing Hero brings together professionals from a broad range of roles to share their stories of  business heroism and optimism.

In this episode, Kelly welcomed Ashley Sieb, a creative, energetic marketing and communications specialist who knows her way around procurement. She also knows how to get – and keep – people’s attention… and then (to use her personal mantra) “find a way forward” that works for everyone.

Listen in as Ashley shares her tips and perspective on how anyone can drive higher levels of engagement from different types of audiences:

  • The components of her personal model for driving engagement: the REAL model
  • Whether all personality types are equally effective at doing what needs to be done to drive engagement
  • When and how engagement and communication are the same, and when communication is a channel for driving others’ engagement

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