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[Pod] Designing an End-to-End Ecosystem Approach to Procurement Part 3: Source to Contract

By August 10, 2022April 30th, 2024No Comments

“Organizations have started looking at pain points as challenges to help transform their existing organizations and align them with the larger organizational goals.”  –Sushant Adhikari, Director, WNS Denali

In this Art of Procurement special series, host Philip Ideson asks members of the WNS Denali team: How do you design an end-to-end ecosystem based procurement operating model? Throughout the four parts of this series, they provide their insight about the basics of an ecosystem approach, and then each set of guests digs into specifics across category management, source to contract, and procure to pay processes.

In the third episode, he is joined by Sushant Adhikari, Director, and Sanjeev Singh, Director of Capabilities and Solutions, both at WNS Denali. 

Their conversation focuses on the source to contract process:

  • Which stakeholders should be involved in source to contract vs. procure to pay?
  • How can procurement work with the leadership team to achieve better alignment?
  • The approach to talent – whether through hiring or upskilling – and how it positions procurement for sustained success

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