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[Pod] Three Problems that Will Make Your P2P Implementation Fail

By June 6, 2022April 10th, 2024No Comments

“The processes that are causing the most pain for the business may not actually be indicative of the root cause of the problem. For example, AP is the end of the cycle. If things aren’t working upstream, they will start to pile up and pile up and pile up, and then – of course – it’s going to be the most painful in AP because of all the defects before that. Procurement needs to understand the difference between symptoms and problems.”   Jennifer Ulrich, Vice President, Advisory

Why do so many P2P implementations fail or fall short of ROI expectations?

The majority of these failures are the result of three problems: 

  1. Procurement selects and implements solutions they believe are best fit without seeking input from the business. 
  2. Procurement works with the business to implement a solution, not for what it was designed to do, but for what they want it to do. 
  3. Procurement forgets to address the supplier experience: enablement, onboarding, messaging, and everyday usability. 

During this AOP Live based episode hosted by Kelly Barner, Joe Payne, Jennifer Ulrich, and Tom Pellescki from Corcentric answer questions about why procurement’s ability to lead a successful change management initiative is so critical and how procurement can overcome the common P2P implementation challenges of the past.

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