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[Pod] Roadmap to Savings: Partnering with the Business to Drive Progress

By December 13, 2021No Comments

One of the things I’ve been talking to my team about is making sure that the business knows what outcome they want from each supplier relationship. That’s going to help drive our contract negotiations, that’s going to drive what we’re using and what we’re not using, and that’s going to drive the overall relationship.”  –Dave Quillin, Senior Manager of Procurement at Alliant Credit Union (ACU)

There are multiple ways for procurement to achieve savings – and some are more collaborative than others. The more planful we can be about the overall process, the more opportunities we are creating to work arm-in-arm with the business in pursuit of those savings. 

Art of Procurement recently hosted an AOP Live webinar with Joe Payne, SVP of Source-to-Pay at Corcentric, and Dave Quillin, Senior Manager of Procurement at Alliant Credit Union (ACU) to discuss how procurement should discuss savings with the business and what incentives can be used to ensure the business feels rewarded by the process.

Dave and Joe share their experiences and points of view to these topics and more:

  • How procurement can work with leadership to incentivize savings and minimize compliance problems at the same time
  • Partnership oriented ways for procurement to increase their category-specific credibility with the business without stepping on their toes
  • The critical step of defining – or potentially redefining – addressable spend before developing strategies to deliver savings
  • How to build and execute a sourcing roadmap to ensure annual savings targets are met and the resources that can help procurement reach their savings goals

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