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[Pod] Procurement Transformation in the Oil and Gas Industry w/ Ferhat Eryurt and Artem Sherekh

By November 22, 2021No Comments

“We are in a very exciting era where we have to continue and maintain the current focus while we grow procurement in order to support the sustainability of our organization as well as its competitive advantage.”  –Ferhat Eryurt, a partner at apsolut Group

“What is interesting is that procurement can become an innovation partner to the company because they see all the suppliers, they see the innovation, and they can bring innovative suppliers to the company.”  –Artem Sherekh, Global Oil and Gas Practice Lead at SAP

Usually the transformation journeys we hear about are focused on a single company, but there are instances of industry wide transformation efforts as well. The oil and gas industry is a perfect example. These companies are looking to evolve into broader chemical and energy organizations for the sake of sustainability, and procurement has the opportunity to become a strategic partner in this transformation. 

In this episode, host Philip Ideson gets a look into the role of procurement transformation in the oil and gas industry by interviewing Artem Sherekh, the Global Oil and Gas Practice Lead at SAP, and Ferhat Eryurt, a partner at apsolut Group. Headquartered in Germany, apsolut Group is an SAP and SAP Ariba consulting partner that delivers on-premise cloud and hybrid procurement solutions. 

After shining a light on the role of procurement in the oil and gas industry, Artem and Ferhat talk about:

  • How companies are overcoming the cost-based hurdles associated with transitioning from conventional oil and gas to more expensive but sustainable renewable energy sources
  • Ways for procurement to reevaluate their value proposition to the company as conditions change, and how that should guide their activities
  • Why high quality, centralized data is an absolute must, even in fast-paced, regulated organizations going through a lot of M&A activity

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