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[Pod] What is an Integrated Business Network and What Does It Do? w/ Tony Harris

By August 30, 2021June 23rd, 2023No Comments

“We live in an age where change is the only constant. Whether that’s changing demands due to consumer preference or whether it’s changing business or political climates or this small thing called a global pandemic… the companies that are able to react best to these changes have digitized their business.” 

Procurement has been working to digitally transform spend and supplier related processes for years, but even the companies that have succeeded can always do more. Each procurement process connects to other enterprise processes, functions, and systems. The more integrated all of those components are, the better positioned the company is to respond to disruption and seize competitive advantage.

In this conversation, Tony Harris, Global Vice President, Global Business Network Solutions at SAP, and host Philip Ideson discuss what today’s integrated business networks actually are and what use cases he has seen. In addition to sharing his detailed thoughts about data models, spot buying, and business networks, Tony also shares some tips for procurement leaders that want to start on their own business network design and implementation journey.

For example: 

  • Looking for ways to speed up the typical RFP process so that it supports the business instead of hindering progress
  • Ensuring that third party services and contingent workforce providers are included in distributed sourcing and buying platforms
  • Opportunities for supplier value creation associated with leveraging global business networks

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