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[Pod] Improving Internal Perception of Procurement from Intake to Procure w/ Liem Hua, Michael Denari, and Rujul Zaparde

By August 2, 2021No Comments

“Yes, there’s high visibility in getting savings, but it’s the employee experience, the funneling, the process, the ability to enable your organization to scale that probably doesn’t get enough weight.” – Michael Denari, Head of Global Procurement at Canva

Every time someone interacts with procurement’s people, processes, or technology, it influences what that person thinks of procurement. This perception determines how early procurement is brought into a sourcing decision, if they are approached about a new business need, and how willingly stakeholders participate in procurement-led projects.

Procurement may not often focus significant resources on the ‘intake-to-procure’ process, but distributed buyers are likely to feel different. By meeting buyer needs through an improved intake-to-procure experience, procurement has an opportunity to recast their internal image and finally realize the level of business engagement they have always sought.

In this podcast, which is based on an AOP Live session, Liem Hua, Michael Denari, and Rujul Zaparde discuss:

  • How procurement is currently perceived in many organizations, and the opportunities they have for improving the ‘customer experience’ associated with distributed buying 
  • The common pain points in the intake-to-procure process that procurement may not even be aware of, but which are affecting distributed buyers on a regular basis
  • How technology can empower distributed buyers without endangering procurement’s ability to manage spend and suppliers

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