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[Pod] A Conversation with the Authors of ‘Profit From Procurement’

By May 17, 2021June 25th, 2023No Comments

“Procurement is not something that can be done by a procurement function sitting alone in a silo. It needs to mobilize the rest of the C-suite and the rest of the organization in order to exploit its full potential.” – Alex Klein, Efficio COO and Founding Partner 

The book “Profit from Procurement: How to Add 30% to Your Bottom Line by Breaking Down Silos” was recently published by Alex Klein, Simon Whatson, and Jose Oliveira of procurement consultancy Efficio. To mark the official release, they invited AOP Founder and Managing Director Philip Ideson to moderate their virtual book launch. 

In this podcast conversation, the co-authors discuss the key themes of the book which was written to help inspire action and provide a roadmap for readers to increase profitability through the levers of strategic procurement. 

The key themes of the book highlighted and discussed by Philip, Alex, Simon, and Jose are:

  • Why challenging times – such as a pandemic or a global recession – represent the best opportunity for procurement to draw attention to their capabilities
  • The importance of using the right language when procurement talks to the business, aligning our thoughts with their objectives
  • How procurement can address ‘value beyond savings’ while still acknowledging that savings is important

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