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[Pod] How Telecom Giant BT Drives the Bottom Line and Corporate Resiliency w/ Adam Brown

By March 29, 2021July 30th, 2021No Comments

“We need to look to the future. Things are changing rapidly with the advances in AI, robotics, and machine learning. The future is coming to us so rapidly. We can’t just go to the next step, we need to go to the step beyond, and the one beyond that.”

Profitability is more important than ever — and procurement leaders are more strategic than ever. Procurement is no longer just a cost center, a spender of money made by others in the enterprise. With the right tools and methodology, procurement can maximize every dollar of profit and discover every dollar of cost savings, positioning them to be critical drivers of the bottom line today – and into the future..

Adam Brown is Head of the Digital Garage at BT Procurement and a Senior Transformation Manager. In this podcast, based on an AOP Live session produced in partnership with Suplari, Adam talks about the expansive opportunities for value creation available to CPOs and procurement teams who have the vision to seize them. In response to questions from a live audience, Adam also explores cross functional collaboration, technology integration, and the measurable impact procurement can have on shareholder value.

He answers questions such as:

  • If procurement is trying to think forward into the future, how can we build a roadmap that helps us reach the outer extent of what’s possible.
  • How can procurement leverage data visibility to support our internal influence without becoming a roadblock for others that need access to our data?
  • What is the best way for procurement to reconcile the speed required for innovation and the typical (slow) pace of change seen in most large enterprises?

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