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A CIO’s Guide to the Rules of Engagement with IT, w/ Kendra Von Esh

By August 4, 2016June 1st, 2020No Comments

In my experience, there are few stakeholder relationships that are as important, or as fractious, as those between procurement and IT – particularly when it comes to supporting strategic purchases.  How can we turn this relationship on its head, and become friends and not foes?

This was the topic of today’s conversation with Kendra Von Esh, ex-CIO of Veolia and current Executive Strategic Advisor for Coupa.  Kendra and I explore how the CIO is measured, why a CIO may bypass procurement, and what we can do about it.

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“If I’m in an organization that’s looking at me as a big old cost center. Why do you spend so much money? If I’m not developing any new, sexy stuff that differentiates us, or is a revenue generator for the business then I am now, I better find ways to cut costs, and I better reduce my budget.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What challenges does the CIO face, and how do they differ based on the strategy of the organization that they work for?
  • How is a CIO typically measured?
  • What is the CIO’s perception of procurement?
  • In what instances do CIO’s avoid using procurement until the contracting phase of a sourcing project?
  • What are the 4 key steps that a procurement leader can follow to build influence with the CIO?
  • What advice Kendra would give a CPO in terms of how to start building a procurement technology strategy.

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