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Designing a New Procurement Supercharger

By October 11, 2022No Comments

Designers of performance vehicles are always looking for opportunities to improve power. One way of doing this is to build a bigger engine – a simple solution, but not always realistic given cost, space, and weight constraints.

Another option: a supercharger.

Superchargers push more air into a combustion engine to make it more efficient and powerful. More air means more fuel, and more fuel means more power. They take an existing source of energy and increase its output without altering the engine itself.

The same idea can be applied to procurement. It used to be that taking a digital approach to procurement was supercharging our impact. Now that digital enablement is table-stakes, we need to find a new way to boost power – usually with the same team capacity.

What can procurement use to increase horsepower, or – in this case – the value created with suppliers for the business as a whole?

In an upcoming AOP Live session, we will be joined by Alpar Kamber, Julie Brignac, and Chris Eyerman from WNS Denali to discuss ways to supercharge procurement’s strategy. Their combined expertise includes talent optimization, digital maturity, and the application of AI and automation.

Join us on Thursday, October 27th for a completely live exchange designed to help you supercharge your output!

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