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State of Packaging Procurement in 2024

By November 1, 2023May 29th, 2024No Comments

When looking at the packaging category in traditional terms, it is usually considered indirect spend – and that may be limiting procurement’s opportunity for impact. 

While packaging is not sold for profit, it has a direct impact on profitability through customer experience, reduced damages, and related costs, such as shipping and waste. The category also represents a significant opportunity to make progress towards sustainability targets by consuming less material, taking up less space during shipping and storage, and being more recyclable.

In this LIVE industry webinar, Matt Reddington, Vice President of Packaging and Logistics at Procure Analytics, will share everything you need to know to excel at packaging procurement in 2024.

Matt will answer live questions about:

  • Driving profit through packaging by reducing material and shipping costs
  • Increasing sustainability without sacrificing quality
  • Ensuring category owners have a voice in major decisions impacting packaging

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