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Maximizing Procurement’s Potential: An Expert’s Guide to Effective Change Management

By July 11, 2023May 29th, 2024No Comments

No one really likes change – and yet, it is a necessary part of life and work. Anyone tasked with leading change has a real challenge on their hands, whether that change is major or minor, associated with processes or technology.  

Given procurement’s role in both process and technology, change management efforts are inevitable. How can procurement drive change without sacrificing the user experience and damaging important relationships? 

In this AOP Live session, we welcomed Chandell Shorter, Senior Consultant of Change Management at Corcentric, and Joe Payne, SVP Source-to-Pay at Corcentric, to answer your questions about change management. Chandell has over 14 years of experience leading large-scale transformation projects and is dedicated to helping teams get through the effort together.

They leveraged their experience to address real world challenges such as:

  • Going beyond surface level efforts around communications and training to ensure that change management efforts and implementations are successful
  • Increasing engagement on the front end of a project so risks associated with cost, ROI, personnel loss, and skilling requirements are addressed
  • Understanding the company’s past relationship with change, whether it increases or decreases readiness and the level of fatigue that may affect new projects

Dig Deeper:

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