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How to SUPERCHARGE Your Digital Procurement Strategy

By October 27, 2022May 29th, 2024No Comments

Digital procurement is no longer a ‘next level’ approach. If procurement wants to satisfy the company’s spend and supplier-related objectives, they need to SUPERCHARGE their efforts. 

Hiring more people is usually not an option; improving your digital strategy is the best way to empower, enable, and maximize third-party value.

Art of Procurement hosted an AOP Live session designed to help you SUPERCHARGE your strategy in the leadup to the new year.

Three expert speakers from WNS Denali – Alpar Kamber, Julie Brignac, and Chris Eyerman – joined us to answer questions about next level procurement strategy:

  • How should we re-optimize our talent plans after digital transformation?
  • What parts of transformation should be custom for each organization?
  • Is there a place for AI in managing our supply chain ecosystem?

Dig Deeper:

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