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Bridging the Decision Abyss with Actionable Intelligence

By March 15, 2023April 10th, 2024No Comments

What is a ‘decision abyss?’

In March 2023, Art of Procurement partnered with LevaData to create a 2-hour event that provided direct material professionals with strategies and tactics to help manage spend in chaotic times.

This transformational approach empowers procurement to navigate the decision abyss—the chasm that separates sourcing, supply chain, finance, and product teams. Data-driven insights will ensure they are ready to face every challenge, cost, risk, or supply continuity.

In this opening session, Keith Hartley (CEO, LevaData) and Lance Younger (CEO, ProcureTech) joined Philip Ideson for a discussion that paired a common problem with forward-looking solutions.

Keith shared why so many companies struggle with complex decisions and how they can move beyond this abyss. Lance Younger added his thoughts on the need for decision intelligence and shared preliminary findings from a research survey currently underway.

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