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Supply chain and procurement professionals are under intense pressure to deliver greater results from their direct material sourcing.

Amidst constant volatility from COVID-19, geopolitics, and rising global interest rates, procurement is expected to strike back, leveraging internal and external data to turn insights into action. Securing access to this data remains a challenge, especially when teams are held back by outmoded tools and processes.

Truly intelligent supply management technology makes it possible to aggregate and contextualize data, providing unique insights and increasing collaboration with critical stakeholders.

This transformational approach empowers procurement to navigate the decision abyss—the chasm that separates sourcing, supply chain, finance, and product teams. Data-driven insights will ensure they are ready to face every challenge, cost, risk, or supply continuity.

In this 2-hour digital event, hosted in March 2023, Art of Procurement and LevaData took a deep dive into how to leverage decision intelligence to more effectively manage direct spend in chaotic times.

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