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Harness the Power of Sourcing Business Models w/ Kate Vitasek

By September 22, 2016June 1st, 2020No Comments

It has been all hands on deck this week preparing for The Procurement Revolution. In the course of recording content, there was a piece that I just couldn’t wait for next week to publish.  So, I thought I would hand over the reins of the Art of Procurement Friday Show today to Kate Vitasek.

Kate is a faculty member in the University of Tennessee’s Graduate and Executive Education programs, and founder and lead researcher for the Vested business methodology. I asked Kate to provide her perspective on an area that she believes we need to think differently about to help us to continue to mature as a profession.

Listen in to hear Kate explain the concept of sourcing business models, and why different sourcing approaches are needed based on the nature of the relationship you are trying to build with the selected supplier.

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 “Sourcing is often viewed as a make or buy decision; it should be thought of as a continuum.” 

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