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[Pod] The Power and Danger of Asking Good Questions

By April 20, 2023May 4th, 2023No Comments

In the 5th century BC, Socrates was teaching the Athenian people to think for themselves. He taught by asking questions: What is truth? How do you know? Is the truth good? Again – how do you know?

2,500 years later, we continue to struggle with big complex questions. Are we reducing costs if we have not eliminated human rights abuses in the supply chain? Is energy renewable if we are still reliant on rare earth minerals from China? Applying the Socratic Method may make it possible to answer these questions by asking others… but use caution. This approach is not without danger.

 In this episode of Dial P, host Kelly Barner covers:

  • What the Socratic Method is and what the benefits are to using this approach to problem solving
  • How companies can use the Socratic Method to solve the complex problems procurement and supply chains face today
  • What is required in a corporate culture where the status quo is actually going to be challenged

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