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The Strategies & Tactics You Need to Secure Your Best Procurement Hires, with Mark Holyoake

By January 5, 2016June 13th, 2020No Comments
Mark Holyoake Procurement Recruitment Hiring

Today’s guest on the Art of Procurement is Mark Holyoake. Mark is the Founder of the New York based boutique procurement recruitment firm, Holyoake Search Group. Mark has spent his entire career in Executive Search and was instrumental in building the US Procurement Practices for two of the most prominent brands in the industry. He understands Procurement inside and out, and has spent more than a decade building one of the largest professional networks in this field.

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“Simply put there are more jobs than candidates, and it has put us really in a seller’s market”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The current state of the US Procurement Job Market
  • What challenges procurement hiring managers are currently facing
  • Creating focus on talent retention
  • What hiring managers need to do differently to attract talent
  • Creating great job descriptions that stand out
  • Candidate interview experience
  • Being braver in decision making
  • How can hiring managers attract the talent they need if they don’t have a budget that is market competitive
  • What hiring managers need to know about millennial’s which may be different than recruiting talent from other generations
  • Expectations of current procurement candidates

Episode Transcript (PDF):

  • Click here to download a copy of today’s episode transcript (PDF).

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