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2023 Dial P for Procurement Year in Review

By December 17, 2023No Comments

Long time listeners of the Art of Procurement podcast will know that the team hosts a related podcast, Dial P for Procurement, every Thursday. The show, which is hosted by AOP Head of Content and Operations Kelly Barner, is part of the Art of Procurement family, but runs in its own podcast feed. 

Episodes air every Thursday and they have a different format than Art of Procurement. Most of the topics are pulled from the headlines and are covered as heavily researched solo pods. Don’t worry though – there isn’t a dull moment. Dial P for Procurement provides up to the moment storytelling about trending supply chain and general business news.

Looking all the way back to the beginning of the year has a way of putting everything into perspective. In this episode, Kelly does just that – following the lead of the listening audience:

  • Going back to the beginning of the year to see which Dial P for Procurement episodes had the greatest number of downloads.
  • Taking some of the ‘honorable mention’ episodes topics and running a LinkedIn pulse poll to see which one the procurement social media community thinks best represented the general tone of 2023. 

Listen to this week’s episode to find out the social media ‘business sentiment’ pick as well as the top 3 downloaded episodes of the year.

Listen to the Conversation 

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