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[Pod] Benchmarking Supplier Diversity to Drive Performance w/ Aylin Basom and Lois Eichacker

By April 30, 2023No Comments

“In our opinion, you have to take a category management approach to supplier diversity. Find those categories where there is a big percentage of diverse spend, where you have a lot of available dollars floating around, and attack those. The category plan is critical.”  —Lois Eichacker, Vice President of Customer Success at Supplier.io

Supplier.io recently analyzed $1.4 trillion in spend looking for supplier diversity benchmarks that can be used to identify top performers and aid the advance of these programs regardless of maturity, size, or industry.

In this episode, drawn from an AOP Live session, Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner are joined by Aylin Basom, CEO of Supplier.io, and Lois Eichacker, their Vice President of Customer Success. They share the findings of the 2023 Supplier Diversity Benchmarking Report and discuss the importance of having an accurate, reliable, and consistent way to measure supplier diversity program results. 

Listen to this interview to discover:

  • Why actionable data and benchmarks are critical to advancing the mission of the supplier diversity movement
  • What the data reveals when small supplier spend and diverse supplier spend are studied separately
  • The role industry plays in determining relevant supplier diversity benchmarks
  • Opportunities for companies to outperform their peers based on proven best practices

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