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[Pod] Key Takeaways From Digital Outcomes 2023 w/ Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner

By February 26, 2023June 25th, 2023No Comments

“I was fascinated to realize that all of these different speakers who had not coordinated in any way beforehand, and that are very well-versed in everything from running digital pilots to investing in digital startups to cybersecurity, all came back to human elements of change management in their sessions.”  —Kelly Barner, Head of Content and Operations, Art of Procurement

All sources of competitive advantage combine a bit of art and a bit of science. For digital investments and capabilities to represent an advantage, they need to do the same. 

To support this need for balance, the Art of Procurement team brought together a broad range of experts to speak at Digital Outcomes 2023: one of our largest virtual events of the year. We heard about technical challenges and human growing pains… in addition to technical triumphs and human evolution.

In this episode of the pod, Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner share their combined takeaways from this fast-paced two day event:

  • How to take new ideas from a relatively safe incubation phase to full scale corporate programs
  • The risks that exist for procurement teams that are not able to successfully leave the status quo behind and embrace new ways of working and thinking
  • The opportunity that exists for procurement organizations that use digital platforms as impact multipliers, delivering expanded forms of ROI 

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