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[Pod] Key Takeaways from ProcureCon EU w/ Helen Mackenzie and Philip Ideson

By October 17, 2022No Comments

“Who are the suppliers that you can build formative relationships at the very beginning of their journey? How can you create favorable contracting so you can work with them on pilots? That’s where you get a lot of really interesting innovation and the opportunity to create a competitive advantage.”  —Philip Ideson, Founder and Managing Director, Art of Procurement

In this episode, Philip Ideson is joined by Helen Mackenzie, Art of Procurement’s Head of Community and Events. They recently had the opportunity to attend ProcureCon EU in Barcelona, Spain. 

Not only was the conference a great place to meet with colleagues face to face, it also presented an opportunity to consider today’s key economic, geopolitical, and business challenges from a uniquely European perspective.

During the conversation Philip and Helen discuss:

  • Some of the most memorable procurement executives and points of view shared during the trip
  • The changes procurement needs to make if they really want to form partnerships and drive innovation by working with smaller suppliers
  • Setting sustainability targets that ensure progress is being made and the right kinds of change are driven by the business

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