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[Pod] Setting the Standard for Procurement Across Africa w/ Steve Ashcroft

By September 19, 2022No Comments

“Perhaps I shouldn’t say this in a public sphere, but within our class of multilateral development banks, my ideal is that African Development Bank is setting the benchmark for the others. I want to be in a strong position to have that conversation.”

Many of us work in what we consider ‘global’ organizations, but we do it from the comfort of our home or at a local office. Actually going global, relocating to an entirely different part of the world may not be for everyone, but the opportunities to broaden your perspective and have a lasting impact are second to none.

Steve Ashcroft is the Director of General Services and Procurement for the African Development Bank Group. He has spent many years in the world of procurement, including time as a consultant, an educator, and a practitioner. 

Most interestingly, Steve has vast global experience, and is currently based in Cote d’Ivoire, a country on the coast of Western Africa. 

In this episode, Philip and Steve discuss:

  • Working successfully across cultures
  • The opportunities that exist when building a procurement capability that spans 44 countries across Africa 
  • Why anyone thinking about a career in procurement should take the leap

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