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[Pod] Connected Planning for Financial Outcomes and Sustainability w/ Anaplan

By June 27, 2022No Comments

These can’t be five- to ten-year initiatives. Companies are looking to implement strategies and track the results over the next quarter or in the next year so they can demonstrate progress against the expectations of customers, suppliers, and shareholders.” Bryan Baum, Head of Supply Chain Solutions, Sourcing and Procurement at Anaplan

There are multiple ways of looking at every business topic. Provider and practitioner are the ones procurement is most familiar with, but there are also third parties like researchers and academics. When we are trying to master a subject – especially one that we will have to manage cross-functionally – the more perspectives we can compare and synthesize, the better.

Art of Procurement recently had an opportunity to bring multiple perspectives together in one panel-based live event, an AOP Live session focused on connected planning. 

Philip Ideson was joined by three guests, each of whom shared examples from their experience demonstrating how procurement and finance can connect sustainability with financial planning, making everything measurable in the process.

Attendees heard actionable advice from:

  • The Practitioner: Nick Wingbermuehle, Sr. Director, Capabilities and Continuous Improvement at Anheuser-Busch
  • The Expert: Adrian de Groot Ruiz, Executive Director at the Impact Institute
  • The Solution Provider: Bryan Baum, Head of Supply Chain Solutions, Sourcing and Procurement at Anaplan

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