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[Pod] Leveraging Your Rising Contingent Workforce for Value Beyond Savings

By May 16, 2022May 3rd, 2024No Comments

“We talk about the war for talent. The reality is that a big chunk of the talent pool is moving to a more flexible working style and companies need to accommodate this. Depending on the group of people that you’re looking for, it could be a bigger part of your strategy or a smaller part of your strategy, but it will be a growing part of your strategy going forward – if you want to keep yourself on the forefront of talent.”  –Morten Petersen, the co-founder and CEO of Worksome

Contingent workforce spend is often seen as a risky, cost-based category. While lowering cost and risk is important, there is a whole range of strategic benefits available to companies that take a broader approach. 

Procurement needs to think bigger and take the category strategy to the next level so they can deliver value beyond savings. 

In this episode, Philip Ideson is joined by Morten Petersen, the co-founder and CEO of Worksome, as well as James Nicholls, Worksome’s Head of Enterprise, about contingent workforce trends and best practices.

They discuss a number of audience-driven topics, including: 

  • How contingent workforce is changing, 
  • Procurement’s role in helping organizations think about talent more broadly, 
  • How contingent workforce spend can deliver a lot of value and innovation, 
  • And finally, how to avoid doing more harm than good!

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