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[Pod] Finding the Motivation to Attempt New Things w/ Thomas Udesen

By May 2, 2022No Comments

“What I find so fascinating about procurement is that it’s endless. I think the opportunities are lying in front of you. It’s up to your own curiosity and capabilities and ingenuity to make the most out of that.”

Procurement’s time, energy, and attention are being pulled in a million directions today – but the ‘loudest’ issues are not always the most important ones. Despite constant disruption and economic uncertainty, we still need to maintain our investment in sustainability, an effort that provides an opportunity for procurement to show what we are truly capable of in terms of organizational impact. 

In this week’s episode, Philip Ideson is joined by one of the giants of the procurement industry, Thomas Udesen, Chief Procurement Officer at Bayer and the Co-Founder of the Sustainable Procurement Pledge. They took this opportunity to discuss his unique procurement philosophy.

Of particular interest are Thomas’ comments on:

  • What sustainability means to him and the role procurement can play in addressing this important challenge 
  • The key ideas he heard at the recent World Sustainable Procurement Day event
  • How procurement can ensure that ideation about sustainability leads to associated actions

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