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[Pod] How to utilize a data-driven mindset to supercharge your procurement organization w/ Sievo

By March 28, 2022No Comments

“Data is very cruel and very straightforward, but it’s also fair. It gives everybody a fair chance to voice their argument based on a shared foundation.”   –Heta Ruikka, Vice President of Product Management, Sievo

The common legacy of procurement software is one of overpriced technology that no one uses (if they can avoid it). Procurement technology is perceived as a tool intended for process enforcement rather than enabling insight or competitive advantage.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

For all of procurement’s talk about wanting to change, it seems as though the desire for a new way of doing things is stronger outside of procurement than within. Before procurement can actively drive change for ourselves, through technology and analytics, we have to embrace a whole new mindset – one that creates a culture of insight by providing open access to actionable data.

In this episode – based on an AOP Live session, Heta Ruikka, Vice President of Product Management at Sievo, and Flavio Monteleone, an Expert Partner in Procurement at Bain & Company, discussed ways for procurement technology to be user friendly – even in the midst of data heavy activities.

  • Why collaborating with the business to leverage the power of data is where the magic happens
  • The ‘people challenges’ that have to be resolved before any technical challenges can be addressed or deliver ROI
  • What Sievo has learned from their clients about the power of self-service dashboards

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