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[Pod] Closing the Gap Between Talent Supply & Demand w/ Mathias Linnemann

By March 14, 2022June 21st, 2023No Comments

“The rise of the contingent workforce is a very real thing – and it’s not a COVID thing. It has been happening for years – and for various reasons. But the primary reason is that a lot of people are seeking a work life that is more flexible, more free.”

Talent management is one of the hottest trends in business today. Talent has always been a key differentiator, but recent changes have been accelerated by COVID and stressed by the great resignation, leading us to total talent management – also known as contingent labor. 

In this episode, host Philip Ideson is joined by Mathias Linnemann, the Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Worksome, a marketplace and workforce management systems for freelance and contract labor. He and his team have had a front row seat for the recent changes in talent, and they have not just monitored trends – they have found ways to innovate the space as well.

They take this opportunity to discuss:

  • The rise of the freelance economy and what it means for companies and procurement teams
  • Recent changes in how companies are accessing talent, and how that provides new opportunities to access talent and experience were previously out of reach
  • Who owns the talent spend category, and the role that procurement can play in driving business outcomes that extend far beyond savings

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