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[Pod] Procure4Peace: How Can Procurement Professionals Help Ukrainians w/ Sammeli Sammalkorpi

By March 6, 2022No Comments

“We are trying to connect the Ukrainians who have needs and knowledge of the local situation with a global procurement community that’s willing to help support a many-to-many effort.” 

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the whole world has watched unbelievable scenes unfolding before our eyes on television. And while most people have a feeling of helplessness, procurement and supply chain skills are critically important for securing and moving the goods that the Ukrainian people require right now.

The biggest challenge of all is harnessing all the goodwill from the procurement community and making sure we use it to hit what is undeniably a moving target.

In this short but very important podcast, host Philip Ideson is joined by a good friend of the show, Sammeli Sammalkorpi. Many of our listeners know Sammeli as the CEO and Co-Founder of Sievo, based in Helsinki, Finland. What you may not know is how Sammeli has mobilized his team in support of Ukraine.

In this conversation, Sammeli shares what procurement professionals can do right now, starting with Procure4Peace, the brand new resource for anyone who wants to help.

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