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[Pod] Navigating the Digital Procurement Ecosystem w/ Dr. Ferhat Eryurt and Lukas Wawrla

By February 28, 2022No Comments

“I think we are in the beginning of the source-to-contract digitization. What still lacks is really an industry practice perspective on sourcing because not every industry shares the same sourcing template, and we are currently still on generalization mode.”  –Lukas Wawrla, Co-founder and Managing Director at Archlet

Procurement is in the midst of a period of significant change – driven in large part by an exploding ecosystem of digital solutions. With these new options comes new expectations, specifically the need to provide a consumer-like buying experience for all categories. 

For instance, the way that procurement buys technology is changing – from a one-size-fits-all model, to one where care is taken to architect a tech stack that can meet the needs of the business. 

In this episode, host Philip Ideson welcomes two guests: Dr. Ferhat Eryurt, a Partner at apsolut Group, and Lukas Wawrla, Co-founder and Managing Director at Archlet. They took the opportunity to discuss:

  • Where procurement is on the digitization journey today
  • How procurement should manage the many options presented by combining platforms and best-of-breed solutions
  • Whether procurement is giving enough weight to the stakeholder experience when building out a technology ecosystem

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