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[Pod] Leading the Purpose-driven Procurement Movement w/ Peter Smith and Mark Perera

By January 17, 2022No Comments

“Every five weeks represents 1% of the decade. What can you do in the next five weeks to make a difference? When you start thinking in terms of the goals that companies have, whether it’s around greenhouse gasses or forestry or water, it’s about getting people to move to action.”  –Mark Perera, Co-author of Procurement With Purpose and CEO at Vizibl

Climate change, habitat loss, and plastic waste threaten our environment. Social issues such as modern slavery, inequality, and discrimination blight the lives of millions of people. As procurement professionals, we have the ability to use our buying power to help address these issues and drive change around the world. But how? 

In this episode, Host Philip Ideson welcomes back two repeat guests, Mark Perera, CEO at Vizibl, and Peter Smith, Managing Director at Procurement Excellence, to discuss their new book: Procurement with Purpose. And yet, this is more than a book – this is an opportunity to have conversations with purpose-led procurement organizations and leaders all over the world.

They use this conversation to share their perspective on:

  • How purpose-driven procurement is spreading around the world and leading to scope and focus changes for many Chief Procurement Officers
  • The differences between corporate approaches to sustainability and government or NGO approaches to the same initiatives
  • What procurement can do to help our stakeholders make decisions that are not only good for business, but for the environment and social causes as well

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